Health Data Visualizations

Systems that make complex data useful


Applications that securely link patients with doctors and medical specialists

Compliant Applications

HIPAA-compliant apps that meet health industry regulations

Health Research

Online portals that streamline the logistics of academic and industry research

Some Recent Projects

What makes us different?

We have deep expertise in designing and developing large-scale health software applications.

HIPAA and PHIPA compliance

Several of our past projects were subject to HIPAA and PHIPA requirements. These demand a strong focus on security and also entail specific deliverables – such as logging all accesses to personal health information.

Meaningful use of health data

If your application collects data and needs to convey it to researchers, health professionals or patients themselves, our product managers and UI designers will ensure the data is reported in an intuitive and actionable way.

Broad experience

From health research to telemedicine, we have delivered a large number of health-related solutions. Our experience qualifies us to architect, design and develop health applications with a high degree of quality.

Solutions delivered by the latest technology

Our diversity of experience within the health domain gives us solutions-focused insight, for everything from internet-enabled medical devices to public-facing communications to global data collection.

Health data integrations

Integration work can be challenging under normal circumstances, but integrating health data poses its own additional complexities. Our experience architecting, building and using APIs makes us uniquely suited to solve your challenges.

End-to-end application development

No matter where you are in your health application development process, we are here to help. Whether you start with detailed mockups or back-of-the-napkin scribbles, we can bring your project through to fruition.