Fractional CTO + Innovation Team

We do more than build health and medical apps.

Most of our clients come to us for our engineering and digital health expertise. However, many of them also need a fractional CTO who can deeply understand their business, craft a well-informed technology roadmap, and work with them closely on an ongoing basis to ensure that they get the most value from their technology investments.

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    Who We Work With

    While we work with many types of health and medical-related organizations, we have particularly deep expertise in the following areas:

    • Patient support programs for pharmaceuticals
    • Apps and integrations for pharmacies
    • E-prescribing and drug dispensing
    • Medical device-related apps
    • Academic research portals
    • Remote patient monitoring and telehealth
    • AI algorithms for medical data analysis
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    We Become Part of Your Team

    We have exceptionally close working relationships with our clients and understand their businesses deeply. Here’s what we can do for you in addition to our technical work:

    • Serve as your technical expert when you negotiate sales deals
    • Interview technical employees for your internal team
    • Assist with investor pitch decks, and attend actual pitches
    • Help you pass security audits and penetration tests
    • Represent your company as your technology subject matter expert

Strategy & Leadership Services

  • Fractional CTO

    A member of our staff can serve as your CTO, on a part-time basis, and drive your technology roadmap forward as a core member of your executive team

  • Software architecture

    Plan and design a secure, stable and scalable architecture for your application and infrastructure – and manage your technology roadmap as your product evolves over time

  • Vendor due diligence

    Serve as a trusted technical advocate who can help you research, evaluate, select and manage outside health app development firms

  • Health integration planning and management

    Research, plan and manage the integration of your cloud application with health systems such as EMRs, medical payment systems and telehealth platforms

  • Audits, pen tests and code reviews

    Review your developers’ code to ensure that it’s secure and adheres to a high level of quality and maintainability

  • Training

    Oversee the training and skills development of your staff when it comes to using your technology

  • Product management

    Understand your target market and buyer personas, and create a product roadmap that positions your app for success

  • Hiring and management consulting

    Assist you in recruiting and interviewing your own in-house technical staff, so that you can grow your internal team

Our Approach to Technology



When it comes to health and medical applications, security and compliance is paramount. We incorporate “security by design” principles to the work at hand, and foster these practices in your business.


Cost Effective

We stay away from cutting-edge technologies if they’re not in your best interest, or if they yield a high total cost of ownership (TCO). Our technical advice is objective and geared to your goals – not ours.


Future Friendly

Your health or medication application should be built on a solid technical foundation to ensure that it is reliable, scalable and maintainable for many years.



When it comes to your health application and data, we aim to ensure that all technical needs are met – from code to infrastructure to disaster recovery and beyond.


What Our Clients Are Saying

David from SiteRocket Labs is what any startup would wish for in a CTO. He filled a critical technical leadership gap within our company and enabled us improve upon the design of our platform, evaluate and select a platform vendor, and safely and securely deploy our technology. David is an experienced professional who approached our project with curiosity and commitment. He's warm, engaging, thorough and reliable resulting in a seamless collaborative experience for us and our other development partners.

Claudia Crusell-BaloghFounder & CEO, CareHubble

SiteRocket Labs was invaluable at helping to oversee the design and development of our medical transcribing app. They served as a trusted technical advocate, helped us understand our technology investment in an easy and relatable way, and did an excellent job ensuring that we were left with a secure, user friendly and HIPAA-compliant app that will last for many years.

Alisha GallagherHead of Business Development, CuraScribe