Updates-as-a-service for health and medical applications

for Digital Health Applications

Protect your cloud-based app by keeping it current
with the latest third-party code packages and libraries.

Virtually all cloud-based apps use open source or commercial code packages that were written by hundreds or even thousands of different developers – and these packages frequently become outdated. We’ll monitor and update your entire infrastructure – from operating systems to custom code – and update all third-party packages on an ongoing basis. We’ll also refactor or tweak your your app’s code to work with the latest updates if needed.

What We Update

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    Operating Systems

    We’ll ensure that the system that’s used to deploy new updates to your app (often known as CI/CD) can automatically update your servers’ operating system, which is typically a version of Linux. We then run this process on a regular basis to keep your servers up to date.

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    We regularly update background applications – like the “web server” software that serves up your app’s pages, the database system that stores the app’s data, and other platforms that enable your system to operate.

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    Code Packages

    Finally, we update third party code packages and thoroughly review the main application to help ensure that it isn’t likely to be compromised. If necessary, we’ll also refactor or tweak your your app’s code to work with the latest upgrades.

We have deep expertise in developing and maintaining large-scale health and medical software applications.

How we’re different

360° Coverage

Our services cover all stages in your application’s development lifecycle.

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  • Technology and product roadmap
  • Development
  • Documentation
  • Infrastructure and DevOps
  • Security and compliance
  • Backup and recovery
  • Platform monitoring
What Our Clients Are Saying

What Our Clients Are Saying

We have an extensive infrastructure that runs on Google Cloud – and the security and stability of our servers are of utmost importance to us. SiteRocket Labs helped us tremendously when we were at a critical stage in our product development and infrastructure setup. They're smart, hard-working and strategic, and are highly recommended.

Anthony RoggeveenDirector of Product Development, Elentra

SiteRocket Labs developed a secure cloud-based platform in which clinicians who use our KneeKG® medical device can interact with clinical and Knee Kinesiography data, generate automated reports and send them to EHRs. SiteRocket also provisioned and maintains the global cloud infrastructure that hosts this functionality. Their team works very closely with us and are very responsive. They are a great partner and a pleasure to work with!

Alex FuentesChief Scientific and Technology Officer, Emovi

Rxi is a healthcare company that manages patient support programs for pharmaceutical partners with complex operational requirements that are constantly evolving. SiteRocket is a pleasure to work with as they are able to translate our complicated business requirements into ongoing software enhancements that give our business a real competitive edge. SiteRocket is very professional and has a great development team!

Laura Van WartDirector, Client Services and Systems, Rxi