Esensi/Loaders: A Handy New Laravel Package!


Hooray for Laravel 5! We are so happy to see the latest major release of the world’s most beloved PHP framework, Laravel. In the last two weeks, we’ve been upgrading all of our projects from Laravel 4.2 to Laravel 5. Taylor Otwell and a team of contributors put a ton of great work into this version!

Laravel 5 did change something from Laravel 4 that we quite liked, though.

Laravel 4 used the same loader for translations, view services, and config files. In Laravel 5, the loader stopped supporting namespaced configs. We like namespaced configs! So, we created a new MIT-licensed open source package called Esensi/Loaders that fixes that up, and also adds namespaced alias files for better package development.

Esensi/Loaders isn’t the most complicated package, but it is a nearly effortless way to keep using your existing namespaced configs in projects you’re upgrading from L4 to L5.

You can find it now on GitHub and Packagist! Pull requests welcome! 🙂

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