Soft skills

  • Analysis and planning

    We're great at understanding our clients' business and operational needs, and recommending the most appropriate web development strategies.

  • Graphic and UX/UI design

    Our designers will work closely with you to understand what your customers are looking for, and then create an effective design for your website or web app.

  • Project management

    Our project management process is the "secret sauce" that ties together every part of our projects and ensures successful delivery.

  • Ongoing support

    We value long-term business relationships and pride ourselves in providing exceptional customer service, training, and support. We can also upgrade your web application and enhance its functionality on an ongoing basis.

  • Ownership transition

    If you want to maintain your own site but lack in-house expertise, we provide training and hiring advice so that you can take control of your web applications.

Hard skills

  • Laravel development

    Our expert developers have deep expertise with Laravel, the web's premiere open-source, PHP-based web application development framework.

  • Software engineering

    When you have an idea for a service that simply doesn't exist, our software engineers are there to quickly build a build a web-based system that will fit your business needs like a glove.

  • Frontend coding

    Our frontend developers work closely with our UI/UX experts – or yours – to ensure that your website delivers its content quickly and flawlessly.

  • APIs and integrations

    Integrations are complex and need to be done just right. Our API experts can not only integrate your website with other systems, but we can also develop APIs that other systems and/or mobile devices can connect to.

  • Infrastructure services

    Let's face it: The best website is worthless if its servers go down. Let our team help to ensure that your site infrastructure is fast, reliable and can scale with your business.

Technologies in our toolbox

Here are some of the technologies that we often use when developing large scale web applications:

Open source contributions

SiteRocket Labs regularly contributes to the open source community. Here are some examples of the projects we've been part of:

  • Laravel:
    • Added DB::disconnect() method and improved documentation
    • Added Form::selectMonth() $format parameter
  • Ardent: Fixed compatibility with Laravel, added new features, and improved documentation
  • Envoy: Submitted pull requests for localhost features
  • Honeypot: Fixed compatibility with PHP 5.3
  • Entrust: Fixed compatibility with Laravel
  • Blade Partials: Fixed compatibility with Laravel
  • Sami:
    • Added support for trait inheritance
    • Added support for aliases
    • Added support for multiple directories in GitVersions
  • Validating: Fixed bug in performValidation event handler
  • Vaprobash: Added MariaDB provisioning