Case Study: Remote Patient Monitoring

Remote Patient Monitoring Portal

imgThe challenge

Our client manufactures and sells IoT-enabled medical devices such as blood pressure sensors, heart monitors, and blood glucose meters. They needed a secure online portal that can display data about patients’ vital signs to caregivers and medical professionals.

Our solutionimg

We designed and developed a web-based system that displays the readings that are collected from our client’s remote health monitoring products. Through this web app, users can view interactive charts of patient data, share reports, set health goals and alerts, track medications, and more.


Interactive data visualization

During the initial planning stages of this project, it became clear that this website portal needed to display health data in a way that caregivers can easily understand. We therefore designed and developed a series of interactive graphs and charts for the different medical devices.

HIPAA and PHIPA compliance

We’re dealing with personal health data here – so special care was taken to ensure that the portal is compliant with health industry regulations. All sensitive patient information is extracted from a secure API and presented to users in a fully compliant manner.

"Mobile-first" design

It was essential that this system functions well on all types of devices, including desktops, tablets and phones. Our design and front-end coding staff took extra time to ensure that the various interactive features looked and worked well on all major devices and screen sizes.


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