Case Study: Medical Device Software Modernization

Medical Device Software Modernization

imgThe challenge

Emovi develops and manufactures the KneeKG system, a medical device that assesses knee motion for patients with impaired movement due to an orthopedic cause. The company wanted to modernize some of its software and develop a cloud-based clinical portal without compromising security or reliability.

Our solutionimg

We modernized a key portion of Emovi's software suite and added several exciting new cloud-based features. Using a phased approach, SiteRocket was able to roll out new enhancements on an ongoing basis while keeping Emovi’s platform operational the entire time.

Medical device on a patient

Planning and strategy

Emovi’s solution consists of a medical device and an accompanying workstation where results are viewed and analyzed. These units are actively used at hundreds of hospitals and clinics worldwide, and we needed to migrate parts of its functionality to the cloud in stages while avoiding disruptions. We therefore started with some careful research and planning to map out a viable strategy and roadmap.

Secure cloud storage

Our first order of business was moving the data being collected from the devices into cloud-based databases in order to simplify integrations with EHRs and third party platforms. We built the infrastructure on MedStack in order to comply with data privacy and security requirements.

Central authentication and control

A centralized permission management and authentication system resides alongside the cloud-based data storage infrastructure. Emovi’s administrators use this system to view and control access to all aspects of their solution so any health care professionals can use the platform while maintaining compliance.

Flexible billing

Emovi offers a SaaS (Software as a Service) model; it is therefore crucial to precisely monitor the usage of the device. We custom-built a feature to track global usage of Emovi’s devices and calculate all fees, credits and incentives for Emovi’s finance team.

Fitting the KneeKG medical device on a patient
Screenshots of several of the apps that we developed

AI-powered medical reports

We developed a secure online platform that clinicians can use to view and monitor their institution’s device usage. They can also generate advanced reports, some of which are powered by AI, that provide very actionable insights into treatment options for each patient.

EHR integration

We integrated Emovi’s system with leading EHRs using Redox Engine, an EHR aggregator, so that therapists can send reports to a number of commonly used hospital record systems.

Physiotherapy portal

Through Emovi’s partnership with Physiotec, a home rehab exercise program platform, patients assessed with Emovi’s devices receive a comprehensive exercise plan configured for them based on their Knee Kinesiography exam. We created and automated this effortless integration.

Background photo of patients using the client's product

Working with SiteRocket Labs has made it very easy for us to move to a cloud-based infrastructure and expand our reach to hospitals and health centers around the world, all while keeping our platform secure and compliant. They are a great partner and a pleasure to work with!

Alex Fuentes, PhDChief Scientific and Technology Officer, Emovi

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