Monitoring Elasticsearch Cluster Health in Slack

We’ve been very happy Slack users since November 2013 — over a year! We use Slack for communication and collaboration. We also use Slack to centralize other sorts of information such as service status RSS feeds (like the AWS EC2 NoVa status feed or Ubuntu security alerts), Twitter feeds (to keep track of news from @jquery or Jeffery Way’s awesome @laracasts), software releases […]

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So, Someone Asked You for Your Public Key.

So, Someone Asked You for Your Public Key. So, someone asked you for your public key, and you’re pretty sure they want your SSH public key, but you don’t really know what to do. This simple guide will walk you through creating a new OpenSSH RSA keypair that you can use to do things like […]

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Welcome Aboard Diego!

The warmest welcome to Diego Caprioli, our newly minted Senior Software Engineer here at SiteRocket Labs! Diego’s “Senior” title is well-earned; he’s been coding since 1998. He has planned and directed large-scale web development projects for Toyota, General Electric, and other major corporations. Diego will be using his wide-ranging experience to help us build robust […]

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