Building a Low-Code Application? When You Might Need Some Help


If you’re like me, you love to try to solve your own problems. You know, fixing that broken railing on your back porch or making a little change to your website’s stylesheet. If you’re talented and a little lucky you can handle the little surprises that inevitably arise when you try to do things on your own. But sometimes you eventually have to raise the white flag and make that dreaded call to the “professionals”.

When it comes to low-code application development, most people have enough knowledge to build a really great app for their company, but when the application needs get beyond their level of expertise, they sometimes need some help. This is where they can use our services.

As an application development company, we work with business and technical users on a daily basis. We use a combination of low-code development software as well as more traditional code-based platforms, and we often know what challenges to look out for even before we start.

If you’re building a low-code application on your own, here are some signs that you might need to bring in some outside help:

Your problem is too complex

You know how to build the basic features but the problem you’re trying to solve has too many variables and you don’t know where to start. A design and software architect can work with you to understand your organization’s challenges and plan and design the app so that it suits your needs.

Your app needs a facelift

Your app has “good bones” but its look-and-feel can be spruced up a little. Perhaps you need a user interface designer or a good web designer to improve usability or just make it look a bit nicer on different types of devices.

Regulatory compliance (like HIPAA)

Industries like health and financial services often have complex requirements that are hard to comply with, without the proper experience. Having an expert come in and review your application and make sure it meets these requirements might save you and your company a lot of time (and money).

Third party application integration

Many low-code application development platforms have pre-built APIs that enable you to integrate them with third-party apps. Integration can be tricky – and you may not have the ability to develop custom APIs. A professional application developer can plan and write the code you need to get connected.


Keeping your organization’s data safe should be your number one priority. Keeping up with new security threats and methodologies can be a full-time job. If you’re hosting a health application, using a specialized web hosting company like MedStack will help to ensure that your data is fully protected.

Your application is just plain broken

Perhaps you’ve inherited a legacy app or your IT team has been too busy to keep up with user demands. You need help with your current app and you don’t have the resources to fix it internally. An experienced app development firm can help you build and design a new app without you having to take the time out of your busy day to do so.

Last but not least, time

Finally, saving time is a common reason that we get asked to take over a project. It could be because internal developers have too many projects or a key developer leaves the company. We have become involved in projects for all of the above reasons, and are always happy to get involved.

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