Emerson Media Becomes SiteRocket Labs


As you may have noticed, we recently renamed Emerson Media to SiteRocket Labs. Before I tell you why, I’ll tell you what is not changing: Our great clients, great work, amazing category, and commitment to doing the right thing for our clients. In other words, we are doing the same great work today as we did last month.

Why Change from Emerson Media?

When I started the company 10+ years ago, I was designing flashy websites that seemed a lot like traditional media. So Emerson Media made sense. However, after hundreds of clients and a rapid evolution in the technology world, we have grown into a different company. Although our websites still look great, we are much more than a website developer. Using the latest tools like Laravel, we are now building APIs, social media sites, mobile solutions and everything in-between. “Media” no longer makes sense.

The company has also grown well beyond just me, David Emerson. With more than 10 category and a large network of contractors, our company is no longer “David doing websites.” It is a sophisticated group of talented designers, software engineers, product strategists, and project managers who are delivering amazing solutions for our clients. As part of this change, I have recently brought on a new partner, my former colleague Chip Terry. He brings decades of experience in product strategy, marketing and engineering at startups and large multinational companies. Chip will help build upon the great culture and talent of our team to continue delivering unique solutions.

Why SiteRocket Labs?

We looked at a number of possibilities, but ultimately SiteRocket Labs worked for us:

  1. We already own the siterocket.com URL (and it’s incredibly tough to find good domain names).
  2. Site: Mobile sites, websites, and the tools that power them (like APIs) are what we do.
  3. Rocket: Our technology and process let us launch our clients’ ideas quickly, with power and precision – like a rocket.
  4. Labs: We’re committed to building and trying new things. From open source projects to new products, we are always experimenting.

Thank you for all of your support. It has been a great 10 years and I expect to be at this for at least another 30. So keep bringing us your biggest challenges and greatest opportunities because together we can launch great things.

David Emerson

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