Welcome Pablo Scasso!


We would like to welcome Pablo Scasso, our new Frontend Developer here at SiteRocket Labs!

In case you’re wondering, “frontend code” is the part of a website that loads in your browser and that you interact with. Everything that you see on a website – from colors and fonts to dropdown menus and buttons, is written in HTML, CSS, and Javascript and is considered “frontend code”. (The “backend code”, on the other hand, is what runs on the web server and tells it what data to store in the database, what pages to display, and what to do.)

As our web application development projects have become increasingly complex, they have also required more and more frontend expertise – and it became clear to us that we need a full-time frontend developer who can take our work to the next level. For example, we’ll soon be developing a custom web application that contains complex interactive data visualizations. These will be built using frontend code, and they can only be coded by an expert frontend developer like Pablo.

Pablo comes to us with over 9 years of experience, having worked with companies both large and small on a wide range of projects from product design to technical frontend work. Pablo brings a solid and diverse background to our team and will be ensuring that our websites are built with the highest frontend coding standards.

When he is not working, Pablo enjoys playing and watching soccer as well as relaxing with a good movie. An avid traveler, Pablo loves to experience interesting cities around the world. His current favorite is New York.

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