SkinCheck Online

imgThe challenge

Our client, a group of certified dermatologists, provide diagnoses and treatment of different skin conditions. They wanted a secure way to work with their patients in a virtual world, reducing the need for time consuming in-person visits.

Our solutionimg

We designed and developed a telehealth system that allows patients to consult with their doctors by uploading photos and describing their symptoms. Through this application, dermatologists can access their patients’ data, provide real time diagnoses and track patients’ health records – communicating with their patients in an efficient and personal way.

Intuitive user experience

Key to this project was a user experience that made communications between patients and doctors intuitive and clear. Using a patient-centric design process, we developed a highly usable workflow that patients and dermatologists can follow with very little training.

Device agnostic

Patients and doctors use all types of devices, from phones to tablets and desktops. We designed this system with a guiding principle of meeting users where they are most comfortable. We ensured that our solution works from everywhere by creating a responsive design, coding it to perform quickly, and testing on all major browsers and screen sizes.

HIPAA compliance

Our client deals with personal health data in a highly regulated world. Using industry best practices and our experience with other health solutions, we made sure that all sensitive patient information is secure and presented to users in a fully compliant manner.

Common sense technology strategy

Dermatologists should focus on delivering world class healthcare – not technology. We architected a system that uses the most appropriate technology for a world that requires high-security, interoperability, and usability – without requiring a full-time development team to support and maintain it. Using a combination of off-the-shelf tools and custom-built code, this system that will last for years and can be easily updated as needs change.


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