The challenge

mptv, one of Hollywood’s oldest and most venerated celebrity photo agencies, needed a secure online archive for their vast collection – and an easy way for customers to find, license, purchase and download premium photography.

Our solution

We built mptv’s website from the ground up on a reliable and scalable foundation that's based on the Laravel framework and Amazon Web Services. The website appears simple but is complex beneath the surface.

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Advanced image management

mptv’s photos tend to be very large and can be previewed in several sizes, and their online collection is continuously growing. We built a file uploader that queues up the images that mptv uploads, resizes them, adds watermarks, and stores them in “S3 buckets” – which are a fast way to serve up large files. All of this work is handled by a separate process that does not overload their main website.

Rock-solid foundation

We developed the website using the popular Laravel framework, as well as Esensi – our code libraries that speed up development time. The website’s code takes advantage of several of the scalability and performance features offered by Amazon Web Services (AWS), where the website is hosted.

Support, maintenance and upgrades

mptv came to us for a new website, but they now need a long-term relationship with a web development company that can maintain and enhance their website on an ongoing basis.

Custom e-commerce

After agreeing on licensing terms, customers can purchase their images directly from the MPTV website and then download them. The process is seamless and secure, thanks to an integration with the Stripe credit card gateway.

Comprehensive admin area

The mptv website looks simple on the surface, but behind the scenes is a fairly large management system through which MPTV can negotiate prices, manage their image collection, and monitor activity on the site.