Amp This Up

imgThe challenge

Our client is a large NIH-funded health study involving parents and their children. As the study entered its tenth year and many of its young participants transitioned into adulthood, NIH needed ways to engage and motivate them to remain in the study.

Our solutionimg

We designed and developed Amp This Up – a private web app that's named after the study's young-adult protocol. This app features resources for youth in the study, along with an interactive "Story Map" where study participants can safely share their thoughts with other members.


Interactive story map

We needed to let young study participants share their thoughts and feelings with other members while hiding their identities. This "story map" lets members answer questions relating to aspects of the health study, and their answers are highlighted on a browsable map for others to see.

Helpful resources

The web app contains health-related resources and information that's geared to the participants. This site's content can be updated easily using a content management system that we configured for our client.

Ready to go on any device

Given the young demographic that we were dealing with, we knew that this health study web app needed to be user friendly on a wide variety of different devices. We spent a long time making sure that all of the website's interactive features not only look good on multiple device sizes, but are intuitive as well.


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