Hello Mamas

The challenge

Hello Mamas is a social media website that helps moms meet and plan playdates with other like-minded local moms. They needed a web development firm with strong Laravel expertise to maintain and update their web app and also make it available to an international audience.

Our solution

We assigned to Hello Mamas a dedicated project manager and a strong team of Laravel developers, and quickly provided several key upgrades to their online product. This enabled them to scale their online services, provide more ways to engage their members, and expand internationally.

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First step: Code and infrastructure review

Because we were taking over the ongoing development of an existing website, we first conducted a thorough code and infrastructure audit. This revealed parts of the website that needed to be upgraded to handle Hello Mamas’ future expansion. At the heart of the website is a matching algorithm that matches moms who live nearby and have similar interests – and we identified bottlenecks that needed to be eliminated to ensure that it can all function well under heavy loads.

Product roadmap

Hello Mamas' founders have a keen sense of what new features will engage their members. Working closely with them, we helped to plan a product roadmap that scoped out future upgrades and enhancements. Because Hello Mamas is a young startup, we prioritized the improvements that would make the biggest and most immediate impact with the smallest amount of development time.

Ongoing maintenance and updates

Using the product roadmap as a guide, our development team is rolling out feature enhancements on an ongoing basis. We also monitor their servers and provide proactive server maintenance, installing necessary operating systems updates and patches to keep things secure and operational.

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Local... in every locale

Hello Mamas wanted to expand their reach into Australia, New Zealand, UK, and other countries. By adding location recognition using the Google Maps Geolocation API, we enabled the website to “know” its members’ locations and match them with other moms nearby. With this setup, Hello Mamas will find it easier to expand into other countries in the future.

Mobile app integration

It was important for Hello Mamas that their members can transition seamlessly between the web app and their soon-to-be-launched native iPhone and Android apps. We therefore built a dedicated mobile API on their web servers, to which mobile app users’ phones can connect. Because the main website is built on the popular Laravel framework, we were able to extend the codebase and develop a secure and stable API relatively quickly.