Global Dietary Database

Global Dietary Database

imgThe challenge

Researchers at Tufts University received funding from the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation to collect diet and nutrition data from hundreds of government health ministries, academic institutions and NGOs around the world. When this data is compared with disease databases, they can establish correlations between diets and health outcomes. The only problem: Collecting the dietary data was proving to be a complex and laborious process.

Our solutionimg

We developed a data collection web application through which users around the world can log in, contribute dietary data from their own studies and correspond with core investigators at Tufts. This web app automatically tracks and maintains the status of all data and communications, every step of the way.

The password-protected web app is packed with useful features, and here are some highlights:

Screenshot: Easy online forms

Complex data collection, made easy

Some users need to submit a lot of information, so we incorporated little tools that guide people along the way. Because there are lengthy forms to fill out, people can save their work-in-progress and return later.

Responsive for mobile devices

When designing this web app, we determined that it needs to be accessible to the widest range of users, on all types of devices – from large desktops to tablets and phones. Every action can be performed on any common device.

Screenshot of app pages

Integrated messaging system

Users of this system often need to communicate by email, and the website also sends periodic notifications. People can reply to messages using regular programs like Outlook, and the website captures and files these emails in the proper place before relaying them to the given recipients.

Advanced user management

When planning this data collection web app, we identified five types of users who need to log in and access different features. We built a permission system that makes it easy for our client to control which users can access what functionality.

Screenshot of messages and chat within app

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