NIH Research Study

Pediatric HIV/AIDS Cohort Study

imgThe challenge

PHACS is a long-term government study of children and young adults who were born with or exposed to HIV. Leaders of this study wanted to disseminate information about their research findings to the general public, and also enable staff and researchers who are working in the study to communicate and collaborate more effectively.

Our solutionimg

We designed and developed a website through which PHACS leadership can provide information to the general public about the study, and a custom-built intranet that's packed with features that are closely tailored to their needs. When planning this website, we orchestrated calls with numerous stakeholders in order to ensure that their voices were heard.

Screenshot of private social media website for health study participants

Public information

Information needed to be shared to the general public in a format that's easy to browse and read. PHACS administrators can manage all of the custom intranet's content themselves using an easy content management system, and the site is fully responsive for mobile devices.


A full-featured intranet, built on a flexible platform

The secure "members only" area of the website contains custom features that needed to be specially built, but it also has some more conventional intranet features such as a calendar system, a member directory and a forum. We built the web app's system on the popular Laravel framework, which gave us an excellent platform upon which we could quickly develop all of the interactive features in the exact way that our client needed.

Custom query system

PHACS staff members needed an easy way to ask day-to-day questions that arose in the course of their work – and the study's scientific leaders needed an easy way to queue them up and answer them. We built a "query system" through which staff can search for FAQs or ask their questions, and a complex workflow that routes questions to specific people depending on the subject matter. Answers are then added to a searchable knowledge base which is made available to other staff members.

Custom document management

Large-scale government health studies can generate a lot of documents – like meeting minutes, committee decisions and presentations. We built a custom intranet through which documents can be uploaded, categorized and organized. Members can then find them in a number of ways, including full-body keyword searches.

Custom event registration

We built a specialized event registration module into the web app that enables PHACS organizers to add secure registration forms online. Staff members can then use these forms to easily register for conferences and other events.

Screenshot of query system and knowledge base

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