• Honesty

    We stay away from cutting-edge technologies if they're not in your best interest. Our technical recommendations are objective and geared to your goals – not ours.

  • Efficiency

    We aim for high productivity in our technical work – from our use of open source code to our development and deployment processes.

  • Longevity

    Your web app should be built on a solid technical foundation to ensure that it is reliable, scalable and maintainable for many years.

  • Holistic Approach

    We aim to ensure that all of your technical needs are met – from your server infrastructure to your databases to your code.

Technologies in our toolbox

Here are some of the technologies that we often use when developing large scale web applications:

"We use technology only if it can help our clients accomplish their business objectives in the best possible way."

Travis Blasingame
Senior Software Engineer

Open source contributions

SiteRocket Labs regularly contributes to the open source community. Here are some examples of the projects we've been part of:

  • Laravel:
    • Added DB::disconnect() method and improved documentation
    • Added Form::selectMonth() $format parameter
  • Ardent: Fixed compatibility with Laravel, added new features, and improved documentation
  • Envoy: Submitted pull requests for localhost features
  • Honeypot: Fixed compatibility with PHP 5.3
  • Entrust: Fixed compatibility with Laravel
  • Blade Partials: Fixed compatibility with Laravel
  • Sami:
    • Added support for trait inheritance
    • Added support for aliases
    • Added support for multiple directories in GitVersions
  • Validating: Fixed bug in performValidation event handler
  • Vaprobash: Added MariaDB provisioning