What is RAD?

Rapid Application Development platforms enable developers to quickly build rich, database enabled applications without writing much code. The platforms are secure, scalable and easy to maintain. We have deep expertise with a variety of RAD tools – including Caspio, Quick Base and G Suite by Google Cloud – and are careful to choose the most appropriate platform for every project.

Rich applications – in a fraction of the time

Rapid Application Development platforms are well-suited for custom applications that store data, automate business processes, establish workflows and report on data in structured ways. The sky's the limit!

  • Fast development

    Because RAD platforms enable us to "configure" rather than "develop" the back-end functionality, your custom application can be built in days or weeks rather than months.

  • Automated workflows

    Streamline your business with custom workflows that precisely match your business processes.

  • Custom reports

    View custom reports to sift through large amounts of data and make meaningful decisions.

  • Mobile friendliness

    Access and view your app on a tablet or phone; access all of its functionality from any device.

  • Easy maintenance

    Apps built on a RAD platform are typically easy to maintain, tweak and upgrade as your business needs evolve.

  • Security

    Lock down your app and ensure that it complies with regulatory requirements, including HIPAA.

When to use RAD

While there are projects for which conventional web development tools are more appropriate, RAD platforms provide some compelling advantages when there’s a good fit. For a free consultation and an honest assessment of your needs, please contact us.

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