Amazon Web Services (AWS) is a hosting platform that provides a broad set of tools and features, and it’s our hosting platform of choice for Laravel-based web applications. By hosting your Laravel web application on AWS with SiteRocket Labs, we can ensure that your web application adheres to hosting best practices and receives regular maintenance whenever upgrades are available. We take a proactive approach to scaling your web applications so you do not have to.

Expertly configured and maintained

Our experience with Laravel and AWS enables us to configure your hosting services in a way that balances performance, reliability, security, scalability and price. Our AWS hosting packages provide you with the following, and more:

  • a server configuration that’s finely tuned for scalability and performance
  • proactive monitoring and alerts, to warn of problems before they arise
  • regular file and database backups to keep your data safe
  • efficient deployments, meaning fast updates with no downtime
  • separate testing and production environments so you can approve changes before your users see them

Making the most of AWS

AWS contains extremely powerful features – but using it to its fullest potential requires expertise. In conjunction with our hosting services, we can configure and/or refactor parts of your Laravel web app to take advantage of what AWS offers. For example, we can:

Hosting plans and prices

$50 / month
Fine-tuned stack running Nginx, PHP-FPM, MariaDB and Memcache
Transaction queue workers with AWS SQS
Transaction email with AWS SES
DNS management with AWS Route 53
High-speed CDN caching with AWS CloudFront (where applicable)
24x7 server and service monitoring
Code version controlled securely on Github
Automated builds with Travis CI
Automated deployments with AWS CodeDeploy
Separate stage and production hosted virtual hosts
All domains secured by SSL certificates
Hosted on an AWS EC2 t2.micro server instance
Scalable static asset storage on AWS S3
$95 / month
Everything under "Small"
Regular file and database backups, to a separate instance
Database hosted on a separate AWS RDS db.t2.micro database instance
AWS ElastiCache on cache.t2.micro instance
$150 / month
Everything under "Medium"
Failover and Load balancing between two t2.micro servers