Initial Contact and Pre-Proposal

The meet-and-greet and early brainstorm phase

Our initial client conversations revolve around figuring out if we're a great match for one another. If it turns out we're the right web development firm for your project (and we may not be), we move on to discussing the groundwork of your project. That includes vision and budget, possible direction, and your preliminary ideas. From there, we make our initial recommendations, lay out shared expectations and draw up a contract.

"Because we work so closely with our clients and value long term business relationships, we are always up front about what actions are and aren't in your best interests."

David Emerson
Founder & Creative Director


Research and Planning

The investigative and prep phase

At the beginning of Phase 2, it's time to create a plan of attack. We start with a planning meeting that includes all stakeholders. We always have plenty of questions, and the answers to those questions become the basis for the eventual project plans. Phase 2 concludes with the delivery of a Production Proposal that includes one or more goal-focused possible outcomes that fit your timeframe and budget range plus a contract that covers the next phases of work.


Project Prep and Transition

The pre-production phase

With the planning phase complete, we shift our focus and begin preparing for the production work kickoff. At the completion of this (usually brief) phase, we have put together the project team, configured our management and administrative tools and finalized the initial setup of the servers and services that the project will require.



The nose-to-the-grindstone phase

Phase 4 is typically the longest stretch because we are executing the plans created in earlier phases. We work closely with clients to obtain the resources a project needs, from content to images, user feedback and more. Our clients know how work is progressing every step of the way thanks to regularly scheduled meetings and prompt responses to emails.


Staging and Acceptance

The review and polishing phase

The start of Phase 5 can overlap with the production phase because while most of our goals are close to being accomplished, quality assurance can begin on whatever elements of the project are ready for testing. We carefully check each feature of the project to be sure it meets client requirements, and review them together to make sure that everything works as planned.



The "ready, set, go!" phase

At the appointed time, we launch the project! For a web application it may be a dramatic "flipping of the switch,"" but while other project launches are less dramatic, they're no less exciting. Our work isn't complete yet, though! After the official launch we spend a predetermined span of time working with the client and their users to respond to questions and address any issues that arise.


Next Steps

The maintenance phase

When a website or app development project ends, the real work begins! By the end of the project, we'll have a deep understanding of what you need to grow and become more efficient – and we will always be happy to provide unbiased advice and guidance. We can perform proactive maintenance work to keep your web application fast, stable, and secure – or provide ongoing support, upgrades, and feature additions.